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Signage in a parking lot is an effective way to lower liabilities, improve user experience for your customers and stay in Local, State & Federal compliance.  Wheel stops will help protect walls, signs and posts, and utility units from damage by vehicles. They also keep vehicles from overhanging into pedestrian walkways so the walkways are clear for evacuation and ADA compliance.  White Line Pavement Maintenance provides and installs traffic and parking signs as well as wheel stops to improve the safety of your parking lot.  

Signage and Wheel Stops
Parking Lot Striping

Asphalt crack sealing is an important preventative measure in asphalt maintenance.  If there are cracks in asphalt, water will seep into the pavement.  When the water temperature fluctuates, it expands and enlarges the crack. Over time, rain will erode your parking lot asphalt's substrate.  When the base under the pavement washes away, a void is left.  Surrounding pavement falls into the void and forms a pothole.  White Line Pavement Maintenace uses a compound to seal the cracks that we find works best in the Eastern North Carolina climate.  We then tamp the compound, effectively sealing the crack and preventing the formation of potholes.  

Our primary work area is Eastern North Carolina.  Our crews have had the pleasure of performing pavement maintenance in Raleigh, Wilson, Greenville, Washington, Rocky Mount, Ayden, Kinston, Jacksonville, Wilmington and lots of wonderful place in between.  We seem to redefine Eastern every year as we do a lot of work for chain companies and continue to expand our work boundaries.  

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Asphalt Sealcoating

Well marked parking areas get your customers into your business quickly.  Arrows help the traffic flow more efficiently in and out of your parking lot.  Parking stalls marked with clean visible lines make it easier for your customers to park their vehicles safely.  And properly marked handicapped parking spots are required by law.  Whether your lot striping needs are for a new layout and design or you are simply striping over existing lines.  White Line Pavement Maintenance offers complete layout and parking lot striping services, using the very best striping equipment and the most durable striping paint available on the market.  

Asphalt sealcoating is designed to protect asphalt pavements from the damaging effects of the environment. Sealcoating can double the life of your pavement by protecting It from its enemies: sun, oxidation, weather, water, oil and fuel.  White Line Pavement Maintenance applies sealcoating products tailored for each particular situation to form a tough protective coating over your parking lot.

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Asphalt Crack Sealing

Curb appeal and first impressions also apply to residential properties.  The driveway is one of the first thing guests see when visiting a home.  Not only is a driveway that is sealcoated aesthetically pleasing, it also extends the life of the driveway.  Sealcoating should be performed every 3 - 4 years, depending on the wear of the previous application. White Line Pavement Maintenance provides professional and affordable sealcoating, no matter the size of the driveway.